Ngwedi Investment Managers is an owner-managed firm that was founded in 2018 by a team of industry-leading investment professionals with a shared ideal of building a premium empowered investment management business.
The name Ngwedi is of African origin and means “The Moon”. As the phases of the Moon are consistent through time, our belief is that your investment returns should also be. As such, we strive to generate consistent real returns for our clients through progressive investment solutions, which are built to weather various market cycles.
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Together, we present the most dynamic, experienced and transformed team in the industry.

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Ngwedi is an experienced, award-winning team of investment professionals with a common goal of consistently delivering market-leading investment performance through progressive fixed income, multi-asset class, and equity investment solutions.

Our vision is based not only on our investment responsibility of delivering market-leading performance, but also on our social responsibility of empowering our clients to contribute to an equitable society.
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We believe that our owner-managed structure, excellent qualifications, relevant hands-on experience, client relationships and top-performing award-winning track record sets us apart from our peers. Ngwedi is established with a strong corporate culture of operational excellence and a focus on harmony, respect, complete transparency, open communication and fairness for all stakeholders.
The Ngwedi staff are all well-respected and seasoned investment professionals, each having  between 10 and 20 years of relevant industry experience. Ngwedi’s portfolio managers have a strong performance track record across various asset classes and have managed assets in excess of R60 Billion across a broad range of offerings including money market, enhanced yield, income, multi-asset and enhanced equity solutions.
Our value proposition is based on a differentiated product offering, which includes premium interest-bearing solutions (money market, enhanced yield and income), as well as low-cost enhanced bond, inflation-linked bond, multi-asset and equity solutions. Our enhanced solutions are not only more cost effective relative to existing product offerings available in the market, but are designed to outperform without taking unnecessary relative risk.
We prioritise preventing losses rather than only searching for prospective profits. Our overriding belief is that by minimising losses, we can ensure superior, consistent and stable returns over the long term. The compounded effect of steady positive returns over time leads to long-term wealth creation. Avoiding credit events and avoiding capital drawdowns is hugely beneficial for clients who then enjoy these compounded positive returns over time.
We have a dedicated CEO responsible for strategy and business growth, a COO who ensures the smooth functioning of the business and a CFO who manages the firm’s finances.  The way in which Ngwedi is structured and managed creates an ideal environment in which our investment professionals have adequate time and capacity to focus on delivering performance and can take a long-term perspective when pursuing investment opportunities.
We are the custodians of our clients’ financial well-being. We partner with our clients to offer them solutions which are tailored to their needs and take into account their long-term wealth objectives. Our clients are the cornerstone of Ngwedi and are placed above all else in the pursuit of our vision. We value our client relationships and treat our clients in the way we treat their financial well-being, with due-care, diligence and respect.


Ngwedi offers progressive investment solutions that align with our core competencies and the needs of our clients in both the institutional and retail markets. Our product offering comprises a fixed income offering, a multi-asset offering and an equity offering.
Within our fixed income and equity offerings we offer a range of enhanced solutions (bonds, ILBs and equity) which make use of our portable alpha technology and allow our clients predictable out-performance of their chosen market indices.


At Ngwedi, our investment philosophy is centered around capital preservation.  We believe that managing risk as opposed to returns in the most effective way to deliver on our clients’ investment objectives.  By minimising capital losses and compounding positive returns, we can ensure superior, consistent, stable returns. The compounded effect of these returns over time leads to long-term wealth creation.
Our investment philosophy leads to a disciplined investment process which combines valuation assessment, asset allocation expertise and fundamental asset class research. Our investment process is a progressive combination of fundamental and quantitative techniques, which leads to a deep understanding of the opportunities in the market.


As the Moon rises and sets in a consistent cycle through time, so we partner with our clients to ensure that their investment returns stand the test of time.


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