Strong corporate culture of operational excellence, focus on harmony, respect, complete transparency, open communication and fairness for all stakeholders
Robust long-term strategies based on in-depth market knowledge, quantified value creation, considered opportunity costs and operational impacts
Stability and longevity through exceptional governance standards, ingrained ethical standards, and optimal staff and technological resourcing
Consistently exceeding client expectations, honouring the fiduciary responsibility bestowed on us by our clients and always acting in their best interests
Recognising that our staff are our greatest assets and that they must be respected, inspired, mentored and fairly remunerated to reach their full potential


The founding members share the same work ethic and clear vision for Ngwedi, which is why Ngwedi was created. As we are the custodians of our clients’ future financial well-being, we are required to navigate the financial markets, manage complex processes and focus on return outcomes in an uncertain and evolving environment.  In this market, we believe that interpersonal skills are essential and we pride ourselves on creating an office environment where our staff and clients can communicate openly.
This culture creates a platform where our staff and clients can ask critical questions that underpin the sustainability and efficient functioning of our business. We have created a culture of collaboration, which facilitates an environment where we are able to listen and respond to new ideas amongst us. We actively seek input to gather diverse perspectives to shape our investment strategies in such areas as duration management, yield enhancement and asset allocation.


Owner-managed since its inception, Ngwedi comprises a diverse team of highly skilled financial services professionals, with a shared vision of an empowering economy that is representative of the broader demographics of South Africa. By assuming senior positions in the financial services industry, the leadership of Ngwedi seeks to effect inclusivity and structural change within our economy and our country.
At Ngwedi, we believe in progress, both socially and economically. We also believe that these are far from mutually exclusive and are, in fact, intrinsically linked. That is why we place consistent progression at the heart of everything we do.